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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 6, 2010 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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gregg: "america live" begins right now. rick: we begin with fox news alert, president obama leaving washington a couple of minutes ago, on his way to announce new efforts to improve the struggle in the economy. thanks for joining us on "america live." i'm rick folbaum. harris: i'm harris faulkner. we got the video the president leaving for milwaukee wisconsin as the administration tries to improve the job picture for thousands of out of work americans this holiday. rick: combine the under der employed with the unemployed and you have one in every five american workers with either no job or working below their potential. nearly 3 million people unemployed for up to six months, more than 6 million people unemployed for more than six months. kelly wright is live at the white house to tell us what the labor department announced today. kelly, nice to see you. >> reporter: nice to see you as well. the labor department is indeed
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concerned about the numbers you just mentioned. it's 9.6% unemployment out there. that is not good at all. the labor department wants to do something about it. labor secretary hilda solis going on record talking about it today, releasing a video stating that this is the state of the american worker, and in it she talks about ha that she like the president is expressing that they will not give up working very hard to make sure every american is back to work. because of that the labor department is also releasing a website today that people can go to to actually try to find some gainful employment, rick. rick: let's talk more about this website. there are other web sites like it. this is the first one that is being run by the white house. how does it help unemployed americans find work? >> reporter: very good question. we'll show you video of it right now. it's actually designed to match your previous job skills with jobs that are currently available in your particular field. i went online to check out the website in order to give you an illustration as to how anyone
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looking for a job can find it. it's called my skills my future. when you actually log onto it, log on to the website you'll find that you can actually match your skill sets with the jobs that are possibly out there. you'll get video instruction on how to use the site. after the video presentation you can click on find career matches. for example, i typed in broadcast journalist which directed me to hundreds of job listings out there and all the categories relating to broadcast journalism. you can then click on certain jobs, and apply for the job. you can read the job descriptions and where that job is located and where you can possibly find it. keep in mind when you do apply because of that 9.6 unemployment rate out there it's going to be very competitive to get into any of these fields, still it's a step in the right direction, the government feels it's a step in the right direction. the obama administration through the labor department has launched this website. because we've talked about healthcare over the past two years and of course the healthcare was passed, there are
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500-plus jobs available for registered nurses, rn's. 500-plus physical therapists. 260 cardiovascular technicians and 400 physicist tapbts alone in this website that you can try to match up your skill level to. rick: i'm sure a lot of people will be checking this out. you're staying put right here at fox news, kelly wright. >> reporter: absolutely. i did it by way of reporter involvement to show you an example of how things are done. i'm not going anywhere. habee to be working this labor day. rick: happy to see you. when the president arrives in wisconsin and we expect that this will happen. he'll be talking about his plan to create new jobs, new stimulus spending although the white house not really calling that. coming up in 20 minutes a fair & balanced debate on what that $50 billion the president is going to talk about might buy us. that is straight ahead. harris: and official hurricane watch now in place this hour for
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parts of coastal texas and northern mexico. it's being cause -- called tropical storm hermine and he's turning in the gulf of mexico. in about 50 minutes, 5-0, we may get word that this whole thing has become a hurricane. dine dean has been money sterg the storm all along -- janice dean has been money sterg the storm day in and day out. at least they didn't call it harris now that we are at the h's. >> reporter: good. as you mentioned a very strong tropical storm that really developed overnight last night while we were sleeping. book at this thing. it's pretty massive and pretty impressive. as harris mentioned we have a new advisory coming out at 2:00, sometimes they come out a little early. they might bump up winds, hurricane opportunity ters have been investigating the thing. moving north northwest at 13 miles an hour. 205 miles and change, south, southeast of brownsville, texas. we have the heaviest of rain
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off-shore but we are starting to see the outer bands as far north and east as coastal louisiana. so houston, corpus cristie, austin, texas you're going to get in on this as well as hermine makes landfall we think overnight tonight as a strong tropical storm or maybe even a hurricane if you can believe it. that's why we have hurricane advisories out. flash flood watch in effect for a good chunk of the great state of texas, 2 to 5 inches of rain easily. some isolated regions could get up to ten inventoriess. flash flooding is is going to be a major problem. hurricane advisories out, watches from bas phr-rbgs lion bay to texas. saturated ground already. we will see the potential for more heavy rain. there is the path as of 11:00am. we get a new advisory as of 2:00, a full update at 5:00pm. as you can see almost a hurricane, maybe even a
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hurricane, the waters here harris and rick are 85, #- 6 degrees. harris: very warm. >> reporter: if this storm were to be across water for a great deal of time we'd be dealing with a very strong hurricane. the good news is it's going to make landfall overnight tonight. hopefully people are aware in south texas it's coming. harris: areas like south padre island which is a beautiful destination point for many vacationers. it seems different than with earl. this one seems to be on a straight legged path. >> reporter: yeah, we are pretty certain of what this storm is going to do because we have so short a period of time to watch it. anywhere from south texas, northeast mexico you're going to bear the brunt of this storm. the good news is it's going to move quickly, it should be out of here in the next day or so. ten inches of rain is going to do a little bit of damage. harris: that's a lot of water. janice dean, thank you very much. outraged spilling into the streets of afghanistan as
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radical american church prepares to burn the koran. this was the scene in kabul today, hundreds gathering to rally against the tiny florida church. they are set to burn copies of the koran on church property designed to coincide with 9/11 ceremonies. the church made headlines last year after distributing shirts that red, quote, islam is the devil. rick: in pakistan today a homicide bomber ramming his car into a police station killing at least 19 people including two children. 34 others skrurd in the blast. this explosion turning most of the police station nearby into a pile of rubble. it happened in a strategically important town in the northwest part of the country. the pakistani taliban claiming responsibility for the act. harris: blunt new words from u.n. atomic agency accusing iran of stonewalling inspections as they push ahead with the nuclear program. our james rows even is live for
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us in washington. james, how far did the u.n. go here. >> reporter: farther, harris than we are used to seeing. the international atomic energy, which is based in sraoe repb a produces reports on iran's nuclear program every 90 days. the latest of these obtained by the associated press and route teres shows that the stockpile of low enriched ooh rain yan has grown by 15% since may. it can be enriched at higher levels for use in a nuclear weapon. in a special section of this forthcoming report, iaea director, a japanese diplomat who has been in office less than a year prep ra handed the iranian government saying it hampered the inspection process and destrabgts from implementing effective and safe save guards in iran. that was next to unthinkable coming from egypt egypt, his
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predecessor. harris: it seems like they are marching up the road ignoring things. our own president instituted sanctions against iran and put them into effect this summer. does this have no affect at all. >> reporter: the obama administration says they have constrained tehran's ability to make more rapid process on the nuclear front. back in 2007, the u.s. concluded that iran had halted its work on weapon myization of a nuclear weapon. that means the fitting of a nuclear war head on a missile that could deliver it overseas. this latest report expresses continued concern according to reuters about the very prospect that iran is working to produce a nuclear payload for a missile. >> it's obvious the iranians are going to build a nuclear weapon. the problem is technological. they have to be able to very
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slowly refine this to the level of refinement where they can make a bomb out of it. if anyone thinks that the iranians are not fully engaged in becoming a nuclear planet they are from a different planet. he says he does not advocate a military attack, he says such an an attack would free iran from any constraints that are on tehran that would enable it to accelerate its program. harris: thank you very much. rick: we are coming up on nine years since the day that changed america and the world, really, thousands of innocent lives snuffed out by islamic radicals. and now one leading news magazine in this country is suggesting that the united states has overreacted since 9/11. mike gallagher will share his thoughts on that when we come right back after the break. harris: a driver is trapped
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behind the wheel of a burning car. he is alive and well. you'll see i will all on tape. rick: she tossed her line in the water hoping to real in the big one. instead she reeled in a fish so dangerous it's the star of its own hollywood movie. >> reporter: yeah my dad just picked it up and he's like wait a minute it's got teeth. i said is that a pa ran in a -- parana? he's like, yeah.
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harris: welcome back to "america live." three sheriffs' deputies in georgia being called heroes today after saving a man trapped inside a burning car. it was all caught on dashcam video. the car engulfed in flames as the deputies look for a way, desperate for a way to save the man. they were able to break the window on the passenger side and pull him to safety. the driver is recovering at a hospital. the sheriff is saying the three deputies will be recognized for their heroic actions in an award
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ceremony this december. they better. rick: the latest edition of newsweek magazine getting some addition today for a report that suggests that america overreacted to 9/11. the magazine points to al-qaida's failure to launch another major terror attack in the u.s. since that day but instead of calling it a national security success it paints the pathetic picture of tinker toy terror network struggling to get out of their own way. mike gallagher is a syndicated talk show host. nice to spend to time with you on this labor day with you. >> reporter: happy labor day with you. >> let's put this quote up here real fast. i'd love for you to react to it. here is what he says. can anyone doubt that al-qaida is simply not that deadly a threat? while it has inspired a few much smaller attacks by local jihadis it has been unable to execute a single one itself.
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does he have a point? >> reporter: no he doesn't. i've got a they are theory, rick about newsweek. we've done this whole redesign of the magazine, they are provocative now on a regular basis. i don't know if this is a shock factor to try to make headlines. this is many americans worst nightmare that nine years later, call it antipathy, call it for getting, distraction, honestly now we have somebody who would right in a major american news magazine that kwaoe overreacted to -- what kind of overreaction could there be to what they did to us on september 11th? al-qaida pulled off a pretty amazingly evil and brilliant plan to shrault erred several thousand americans and to say that well they've kind of pete erred out since then. first of all let's give credit where credit is due and that's to president bush and his tenure of president. i had the blessing of spending time in the oval office with president bush an was fixated,
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almost obsessed with never letting anything happen on american soil like that again, and you know what he was successful. but this man who is trying to make noise and try to get anybody to watch him i guess over at the other network is just trying to create shock waves and it's just sad and pathetic. rick: let me play devil's advocate. the failed underwear bomber. the failed times square bomber. the failed fort hood shooter, as successful as he was he seemed to be out there on his own. is al-qaida more dangerous, and this is not a point that he spells out in his piece, but is al-qaida more dangerous to us now as an idea, more so than an actual organization? >> reporter: oh, i don't think there is any question, they are proverbial bogeyman. two of the cases you cite the underwear bomber and the times square bomber there for but the grace of god that people weren't
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killed, scores of people weren't killed because the detonation didn't work right and there was a malfunction of the bombs. we got very, very lucky. many people think it is just a matter of time before our luck runs out. to drop our guard, to drop our defenses i think contradicts everything that this country believes in in terms of standing tall when it comes to national security. this is an appalling display of ignorance when it comes to right versus wrong and good versus evil. al-qaida is not that bad? what is worse? who is worse? these are bloodthirsty terrorists that we have done a great job over the last decade of decimating. that doesn't mean the threat is over and we can't believe his assertion that somehow the threat isn't so bad any more. it's pitiful. rick: we have about a minute, mike, do you think al-qaida is capable of pulling off another 9/11-type attack inside the u.s.? >> reporter: i think that we know that there are millions, perhaps, of people around the world who want to destroy this country, want to wipe israel off
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the map, yeah, i think that every intelligence report that we've ever seen published in the news media says of course they could do it again. and the risk of something like this, a article like this has been our -- is that our enemy is watching. i had somebody here at the fox bureau in miami who says the real enemy isn't as bad as the people overseas, it's the people here, it's people within, it's people like this man who say these out rain us things in the names of trying to make news for themselves and the enemy thinks we are going to be a paper tiger and god help this country if they follow through, because, you know they think we are not watching and we've dropped our guard. it's shameful. rick: you mentioned president bush, does the current president deserve any credit for their not being an attack on u.s. soil in the 19 months since he walked in the front door of the white house. >> reporter: i'm not a big president obama fan. i think credit is due. there certainly has been an effort with the drones in afghanistan and it's still a continuation of the war on terror. so far i mean -- again under his
1:20 pm
watch the times square bomber. the christmas eve bomber, fort hood happened under his watch. with george bush there were no acts of terror under his watch. thus far we haven't seen anything close to the calamity of 9/11. let's hope our luck continues. rick: mike gallagher, thank you,. >> reporter: take care. rick: you too. harris: check out the calendar, fewer than 60 days until the midterm elections and we are not seeing a whole lot of politicians dragging about their support for the healthcare overhaul, huh-uh, we are seeing candidates talking about changing it. just ahead our own dr. marc siegl part of our medical a team on which changes are worth looking at. rick: plus, that's the former prime minister of great britain tony blair you saw a moment ago holding his ground as he gets dogged by increasingly ugly protests. see what he's up against and why when we come back.
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rick: new details now on the craigslist website and its promise over the weekend to pull the plug on its red light district. the site was thought to have stopped online prostitution ads in the wake of the so-called craigslist killer a man charged with murdering an escort he lured from a craigslist post. web masters temporarily blocked the adult services section over the weekend. but guess what, it appeared again yesterday. >> what has happened in this instance is that it was just so widespread and out in the open there appeared to be not only a tolerance for it but an acceptance of it. >> it's actually much safer than if this were driven underground,
1:25 pm
and of course it is now going to be driven underground. rick: well, as you just heard from that gentleman, not everybody thinks it's a good idea to put an end to the ads. apparently, though the adult services section has now been renamed, it's called casual encounters. harris: get this, former prime minister tony blair had to cancel a booksigning in london this week. scrapping the appearance because of security concerns. mr. blair currently on a book tour where he has been confronted by protestors, really angry protestors. upset with his decision to join the invasion of iraq back in 2003. dar repb, i understand that mr. blair is not backing down on his support of invading iraq and people are throwing things like rocks and even worse at him. >> reporter: absolutely. mr. blair is standing very firm on his line on iraq and that is
1:26 pm
causing an awful lot of issues with him for the people who were against the invasion and want to convenient their anger. the violence that you saw just there was from a boo booksigninn dublin on the weekend. that is the first one that mr. blair has had for his new memoir named "journey." on wednesday he was due to come here to this book shop in central london to have his second booksigning, but the first one here in the united kingdom. it was expected there would be a large number of protestors outside this book shop, that people would have to hand in their mobile phones and all sorts of security equipment before they could go in and get to the signing and the former prime minister. that was accepted. over the last few days it seems mr. blair, particularly after in dublin he had various items thrown at him, as you say, none of them actually landed. there was a bottle, some shoes, an egg, but nevertheless, he felt that it was just too much
1:27 pm
hassle for the people here and public here to put them through this booksigning. he's putting a few signed books in this bookstore here and leaving it to the public themselves to come and pick them up. the bookstore is very angry because it was looking forward to holding this event even given all of the security concerns surrounding me. nevertheless it makes another important point. why he's still a very devisive figure in this country there are many people who have differing opinions on him. the book itself is the fastest receiving autobiography that the chain has stocked. it means he's getting through to some people. harris: i guess the protesters are buying the books. kind of interesting. that is the up at least. rick: all the proceeds from the books are going to charities for wounded iraq veterans. harris: you can't protest unless you've actually read it. that's thousands more that will by it. rick: president obama is getting
1:28 pm
ready to launch an aggressive spending plan. $50 billion is going to be announced today. harris: another stimulus. rick: don't call it stimulus. harris: i'm just asking. rick: a fair & balanced debate on what to expect from that coming up next. harris: plus an are is girl goes fishing and catches a critter straight out of a hollywood horror story. the biting details, they made me say it, just ahead. >> something bit me. >> what are you seeing down there. >> oh, my god. >> sam! >> [a scream. ]
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if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continues ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. travelers. take the scary out of life. rick: welcome back, it's labor day. here are your headlines in less than 30 minutes. the national weather service could announce our newest hurricane. ladies and gentlemen we introduce to you hermine, now a tropical storm, but she could get an upgrade as she brings serious rainfall to starts of texas and mexico. the storm is already packing winds up to 50 miles an hour. also thousands forced to leave their homes in new zealand in the wake of a powerful earthquake over the weekend. layers of silt spewing up after it turned the soft earth to liquid. 99 lashes, a sentence for an iranian woman convicted of adultery.
1:33 pm
she was originally sentenced to death. harris: president obama about to roll out a new $50 billion proposal today, it's meant to boost infrastructure spending after the administration's first trillion dollar stimulus plan has failed to bring down the unemployment numbers. the current unemployment rate steady now at about 9.6%. the number of unemployed in the u.s. today about 14.9 million. of authors 14.9 million, 6 1/2 million represent permanent job losses. when the economy sheds them they won't get it back. joining me is brad blakeman a former deputy assistant to george w bush and former south carolina democratic party chair dick harpu tia n. good to see you. my question is why not call this a stimulus bill? brad, i understand you do, just a little bit smaller. >> absolutely. it's too little too late. we all know why the democrats don't want to call this a stimulus. by the president's own standard of puck his stimulus back when
1:34 pm
he first took office $780 billion for the shovel-ready projects was a total failure because the president promised that if the stimulus was passed unemployment would not rise above 8% nationally. we know that it hit 10%, still continues around 9.6%. as you correctly pointed out you take into account those who who are no longer looking for work, those under employed, that figure is 16% in the inner-city, as high as 20%. it's a failure, if will be a failure as well. harris: dick i know part of the arguments from democrats is we haven't spent all of the stimulus yet. well but you're about to, right? >> well, it appears that somewhere around half of it or a little bit more has gotten out to the folks, state governments and local governments to spend it. remember now we want to make sure this money goes to the kind of projects that are going to generate jobs. you just can't throw it out the door, there has to be a process. it's taken a year to do that. that is not an extraordinary
1:35 pm
amount of time to make sure that money gets out the door, and it's still another third of it to get out the door. let me tell you this $50 billion is going to be for high-speed trains, for rebuilding roads, it's going to be for doing things we've got to do in this country to get our economy back in shape. and, you know, brad sounds almost gleeful about the fact that this trillion dollars in unemployment hasn't come down. brad, you were part of the administration that created this problem. >> no. >> and now it's taken longer to solve it than anybody thought it's so bad. >> the democratic congress started this. don't forget you guys had control of the congress for two years, and barney frank and chris dodd were behind the total collapse of our housing market which got us into the mess we're in. it's you guys who started this mess. don't keep blaming the bush administration. you're in charge, you have been in charge for two years and you failed. >> oh, my god, brad, brad, it's labor day, you've been to a barbecue. harris: let's get back to the
1:36 pm
facts. all those millions of americans who are out of work and they hear you guys jabber, john back and forth and they ask one last question, if it didn't work the first time $230 million or rather billion dollars rather of first stimulus dedicated to these same types of road projects. it didn't work the first time. how is this time going to be different. how will this 50 billion be different. and, dick if it isn't going to be different what next? do we keep trying it and trying it, they say that is the definition of inch sanity. >> this is like taking ant by ot particulars you're not going to get cured the first day. it's going to take a while. it took us 8 years to get into this mess it will take us a little while to get out. i hear brad giggling over there. get off the juice today. it's going to take a while for us to get out of it. and i point this out, this administration's $50 billion infrastructure plan will build
1:37 pm
high-speed rail. we needed that ten years ago. it will repair roads that are crumbling. here in south carolina we have hundreds of bridges that aren't safe to cross. this will provide the money to do that, and jobs, and let me tell you this, i talked to a friend of mine who is an economist and wall street whiz, he says this, you don't fix the roof till it's sunny and we can't do anything about getting the spending down until we get our country back to work. harris: all right. brad i have to ask you this, because i'm curious to know how republicans will push forward with this. you say that this isn't working. how will you hold democrats feet to the fire? how are we going to pay for this? now you're -- you haven't even spent the first stimulus, i know, dick you don't want to call it stimulus, we'll call it something else, but it's adding onto that deficit. what about that? how are you good to push the democrats to pays they go. rickgo. >> we are going to stop them. it's called election day. the american people have had it up to their eyeballs with promises, false hope and more government spending.
1:38 pm
they've had enough and i think they will be heard in just a few weeks. in their world this is organized labor day. the president is going to give out another union benefit to people who have jobs. what about the people who don't have jobs? what about the entrepreneurs, what about the small business people, no tax breaks for them. dick doesn't talk about capital gains or the death tax or the corporate tax which is the highest in the world. no this is another trick to give the unions another big payoff for supporting this administration and the american people are going to have enough of it. harris: senate minority leader mitch mcconnell saying a short time ago we are expecting a firm statement from him, but just some notes out of his office per his spokesperson that you know what it doesn't matter. he's a cushion the democrats of doing this ahead of the elections that you just mentioned, brad because they have to, they have to get the topic back more positive about the me to make it look like maybe more is being done. according to mcconnell they aren't going to get to this topic. they are only in session for 3
1:39 pm
weeks, there is only so much they will get to. this is not on their short list. >> he's willing to hold the congress until election day. it's mitch mcconnell to wants to get out of town like a calledded dog. he doesn't want anything to get accomplished much that's been the problem. the president has had a very difficult time getting over the procedural rules where mcconnell basically says he's going to filibuster something, it takes four or five senate days to get around that. he's used the procedure ral rules to time me any effort to correct this problem. the last thing i want to say is this, the republicans drove us in the ditch with eight years of george bush. harris: i'm going to stop you there because you called mitch. >> >> they want the keys back to the car. harris: i have to let brad respond to you calling mitch mcconnell a calledded dog. rickdog. >> we'll find out very shortly who is right or wrong as far as the american people is concerned much the american people had
1:40 pm
such great hope for this presidency and this administration, now all they want is change. harris: i will forward the emails, dick from the senator's office straight to you. good to see you both. >> thank you so much. rick: very spirited discussion. harris: they need to lemonade on this holiday. they are hot, they need to cool off. rick: with less than two months until the midterms we are today hearing reports that there is not a single campaign out there promoting the healthcare overhaul. we are seeing a number of candidates talk about wanting to go to washington to change it. when we come back that's dr. marc siegl right there, member of our fox news medical a team. he's going to tell you what changes are worth looking at. harris: plus, how did a vicious karen a voir from the depths of the amazon end up in a little lake in arizona, just a few minutes until you hear from the teenage girl with the story of a fish, boy it will blow your socks off. it is the fish story of a lifetime. stay close. >> i want to know what the hell this thing is doing in my lake.
1:41 pm
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i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with headache. alka-seltz gives you relief fast. [ low male ] plop, plop. [ high male ] fizz, fizz. >> harris: welcome back to "america live." a judge in the bahamases dropping charges against two men accused of extorting money from movie star john tra volt tafplt the actor no longer wants to pursue the case. travolta seen with his wife kelly preston says the case was taking a huge emotional toll on his family. the two men were accused of threaten to release private information about the death of travolta's 16-year-old son jett. he died at a vacation home in the bahamas last year. rick: well it was touted as the greatest achievement since the civil rights movement so democrats musting shouting healthcare from the roof tops on the road to november, right? not exactly. most of the ones that we are hearing from are talking about
1:45 pm
how they would change the bill. joining is nows is dr. marc siegl to talk about which changes he might back if he were in washington. good to see you, doc, thanks for coming in. >> reporter: hi, rick. >> let's say you are running for congress. you won't be the first md to serve in congress, there are a few others. what do you do when you get there, do you repeal it, change it, fix it what do you do. >> reporter: the american people are not happy witness. i don't think they are unhappy with it because of the deficit problem, that's huge that's abstract to most americans. most americans are afraid of all the government oversight, they are afraid of the idea that government oversight means one size fits all at a time when we are inventing solutions that work for you and not for me. they are afraid of rising premiums when we cover everyone with a preexisting condition. and they are afraid of the fact that the insurance may buy them another ticket to the er which is already overcrowded. how do we fix that? first ever all we mak make insue portable across state lines. that introduces healthy
1:46 pm
competition. decrease the amount of government oversight, knowing that it's not going to work. and thirdly we use solution has will work for you and not necessarily for me. if we put in high deductible insurance, rick, and we get back to health savings accounts, we are going to have a disincentive for over use, people will have lower premiums, they don't have to pay for insurance that is being mandated under this bill which is either going to have high premiums or cut down on services. physicians are afraid that their reimbursements are going to be cut. more and more visits to the er. if i drop out of insurance you're not going to be able to come to see me. rick: let me ask you this. this bill is going to mandate that people get health insurance one way or another. doctors, healthcare providers, drug companies all of a sudden you're going to have 32 million additional paying customers. what is the problem with that from a provider standpoint. >> reporter: first of all rick we are talking about 16 more medicaid patients. this is a smoke screen, it's essentially a medicaid bill.
1:47 pm
we know that medicaid patients aren't able to find doctors. i'll tell you another little secret. my office is already full. private doctors don't need more patients. that's part of the theory it doesn't hurt. in magazines mass you can't find a primary care doctor. insurance visits are up 9%. the journal of the american medical association shows er visits are up 30% over the next ten years at a time when the number of er's are down by 10%. people will flood to the er's. every american out there knows there is a long wait in the er. rick: what do you like about this. >> reporter: i like covering preexisting conditions, i like a safety net for all, i like the idea of no lifetime limits -rpbgs but the only way to pay for that is to have a disincentive for over use, meaning health savings accounts, high deductible. i'm not going to use that insurance today, doc, i'm not that sick. >> what about tort reform and helping doctors to not have to worry about getting ichiro suzuki every time they see a
1:48 pm
patient. >> reporter: i'm so glad you brought that up. tort reform isn't just about lawsuits, it's about a defensive practice that goes across the board and leads to more and more and more tests that causes our healthcare system to be way too expensive. tort reform should have been the first place they started. >> the term death panels that something that was tasked about that got a lot of people fired up that there will be bureaucrats sitting some place deciding who lives and who dies. don't we also need to have a serious discussion without any kind of inflammatory rhetoric about end of life care and isn't that where we waste more money than any place else. >> reporter: rick there is no question about that. i don't think the government can sit in a committee and decide who is going to get one service and who is going to get another. it goes on a patient by patient basis. it's a discussion you have with your physician. and one of the reasons that a lot of money is spent towards the end of life is because we have the technology. who is going to decide that, your doctor has to be able to decide it not the government bureaucrat. by the way not a nonpracticing physician. a lot of these committees are
1:49 pm
going to be filled with doctors, bureaucrats like dr. berowitz that do not practice. rick: i'm not sure who he is. >> reporter: he's taking over immediate care medicaid, he's more than a consultant than a physician. rick: i hope you continue practicing medicine don't run for office. we need to keep you here in the city helping your patients. >> reporter: i will. my pleasure. harris: president obama took office in 2008 soaring in with popularity that was high and a message of hope and change, but today with the struggling economy and stubbornly high jobless numbers the country's move is a changing. some startling new poll numbers just ahead. rick: also you may be feeling a bit under attack from our teases about this piranha story, although we are going to keep on showing you -- eventually we'll tell the story, right? okay we promise, the story of a young girl and how she came to catch this killer fish in an arizona lake when we come back. don't go away.
1:50 pm
harris: yeah. >> the cork went under and it started buzzing and i picked up the rod and i started reeling it in. at first we thought it was a big, huge perch. i was like it continue be anything else. we just went in, and i don't know, piranha. i kn who works different than many other allergy medications. hoo? omnaris. [ men ] omnaris -- the nose! [ man ] did you know nasal symptoms like congestion can be caused by allergic inflammation? omnaris relieves your symptoms by fighting inflammation. side effects may include headache, nebleed, nd sore throat. [ inhales deeply ] i told my allergy sptoms to take a hike. omnaris. ask your doctor. battling nasal allergy symptoms? omnaris combats the cause. get omnaris for $11 at
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1:53 pm
>> reporter: harris: there was a hole lot of shaking going on in oklahoma. we are not going to play the song. scientists say six small earthquakes hit the central part of the state over the weekend ra*eupblging from 1.5 up to 3.3, a lot of shaking, this after scientists recorded several earlier quakes outside of oklahoma last wednesday and friday. the good news, nobody hurt, no damage reported.
1:54 pm
>> the first bite draws blood. the blood draws the pack. rick: oh, boy i'm glad we didn't show you the rest of that clip. a scene from the summer movie hit "piranha 3-d" features the invasion of the deadly fish in a u.s. tourist spot. imagine our surprise when we saw this next story, life imitating art in arizona. >> reporter: hailey knows how to catch fish her parents put a rod in her hands when she was three. a lazy morning by a community lake is an ordinary scene if you're catching catfish or perch. something else is lurking beneath valley waterways. >> the first bite draws blood. >> reporter: piranhas terrorized tourists this summer on the big screen. look at this, what looks to be an honest to goodness piranha.
1:55 pm
>> the cork went under, started buzzing. i started to real it in, at first we thought it was a big, huge perch. i thought it continue be anything else. >> i thought it was a gigantic perch until they got it up. and i said wait a minute, that is not supposed to be here, right? it's rare that i don't just grab the fish i didn't want to get my finger bitten off. >> reporter: they say they'll keep fishing here behind their home. the next time they will be a little more cautious about what they are reeling in. it could be an exotic and illegal fish species. rick: that is dan spindle reporting from our fox affiliate in phoenix. they say they are going to keep fishing in that pond. i think i might go find another pond if i were them. harris: an ooh factor of ten. i prefer the cooking in. can you eat a piranha. rick: what is your recipe for piranha. harris: i'm from the south we fry everything. we are minutes away from
1:56 pm
president obama arriving in wisconsin, the commander-in-chief set to announce what could be the cornerstone of his plan to fix the economy. that's the good thing. it is labor day and there are millions of people that want to be laboring and they are not. what 50 billion of your tax dollars are about to buy. will it help? a live report after the break. rick: also he flipped out a board a jetblue flight, remember this, grabbing two beers, opening the hatch, jumping down the slide, today steven slater may wish that he hadn't done that. we'll tell you why. harris: hum. [singing] ♪ xxíhp@d@d
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
harris: we are minutes away from a crucial speech on jobs. dare we say stimulus by the
2:00 pm
president? democrats aren't calling it that. brand-new hour of "america live." rick: i'm rick folbaum. the president is announcing the cornerstone for his plan to create jobs. he's scheduled to speak in milwaukee within the hour. harris: 14.9 million americans unemployed. mike emanuel is traveling with the president. live in milwaukee. let's take a look at the infrastructure plan. >> reporter: good afternoon. happy labor day to everybody at home. white house officials say they don't expect jobs to be created by this infrastructure plan until sometimes next year. they say this is not a magic bullet but something president obama thinks will be helpful to
2:01 pm
the long term for the u.s. economy. let's take a look at proposal. rebuild 150,000 miles of road, renewing the commitment to the backbone of our transportation system. construct and maintain 4,000 miles of rail. runways, rehabilitate or construct miles of runway. so today in front 6 a friendly labor audience, the president did quite well with the labor movement in 2008, he will talk about his commitment to the infrastructure in the united states and why these proposals are a good idea. layer * senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is expected to give a statement. some are saying there is not enough time left on the docket when they come back to even get
2:02 pm
this done. but what is some of the other reaction? >> reporter: a lot of people are sake it's the white house nailing around trying to find a fix to our economy recognizing the american economy is restless. mitch mcconnell put out a paper statement. he says, quote, a last-minute cobble together stimulus bill will not reverse the complete lack of confidence americans have in washington. the $5 billion in new taxes is what the administration is calling closing loopholes on big oil and gas. republicans and democrats agreeing to disagree. harris: i think it's a profession for them. rick: as president obama hits the road today to sell his plan for fixing the economy, he has scene uphill battle.
2:03 pm
nearly half of registered voters think his administration has made matters worse. that figure tells just part of the story. julie banderas is live. >> reporter: the state of the economy dominates other concerns for american voters. the latest fox news polls show americans are worried about the nation's economy. unemployment is a near equal concern. 43% say the jobless numbers are what's keeping them up at night. 9 in 10 voters are concerned about the future of the country as president obama gets ready to announce an infrastructure proposal it's a reminder of obama's $800 billion stimulus plan. do americans think it's working? the majority 57% do not.
2:04 pm
just over one in three. % think the stimulus plan helped the economy so far. there has also been some discussion about whether the plan wasn't big enough to give the economy the boost it needs. 24% of those polls say they would like the government to spend more on another one. 70% would not. the white house insists the second stimulus plan is not in the works. finally nearly half the americans say the obama administration made the economy worse. should the president fire his economic team in. of course, we'll be carrying president obama's remarks live 3:00 p.m. eastern on fox. rick: thank you, julie. harris: troubling new numbers
2:05 pm
for president obama in his home state of illinois. brand-new poll numbers from the "chicago tribune" showing 51% of voters in illinois approve of the job he's doing. that's an 8-point drop from last year. rick were tea party members in delaware are hoping to get a win in that state next week. but they may have-hit a bump in the road. the tea party is back and chris fiend o'donnell is back. mike hassle is getting backing of his own. chris christy is endorsing him for the job. harris: it is 57 days. the fall campaign season kicking into high gear.
2:06 pm
the traditional battleground states holding competitive races for senate. carl cameron is live in cincinnati. what are the union workers saying there? >> reporter: this is the biggest labor day pick number in the country. they are expecting 10,000 people to come out today. but the labor movement sort of in general has had a tough few years. the jobs and economy debate hits them right in the pocketbook. labor movement has lost an awful lot of jobs and this state is no exception. there is over 600,000 people who can't find work. when you talk to the head of the afl-cio, he says there is a lot of things they are concerned about. the top one is jobs. >> social security, outsourcing,
2:07 pm
trade, we have got to change the unfair playing field for tour workers here. so we'll be focusing on that. job creation. investing in the middle class, investing to make sure we have a way forward instead of going back to the policies that just took this economy down, not on this nation's economy, but the global economy. these policies set forth by the bush administration nosedived us. that's what our membership will get information on. they will understand that when they go to the polls. >> reporter: the afl-cio dropped 100,000 flyers in the last two weeks arguing the economic problems of today are the fault of the bush administration and republican policies of the past. the polls suggest voters are
2:08 pm
more angry about what the obama administration is doing right now than what republicans and the bush administration did back then. harris: i was surprised to seat union guy throwing more mud at president bush's way. >> reporter: that shouldn't be a surprise in so far as what the obama administration is saying. this election has to be a choice. when you look at polls in ohio, voters aren't necessarily buying it. the keynote speaker today will be the incumbent democratic governor doug strickland. he's in a tough battle jeans john kasich. the same is true in the sphwhat
2:09 pm
race. there a bush administration budget official is leading the lieutenant governor running for that senate seat. voters in ohio very sceptical about obama economic policies because there is tremendous scepticism about whether stimulus spending specifically is or will ever actually work. harris: you are a rock star, putting it all together. you can get the latest from carl on the campaign trail 24 hours a day. head over to his blog at rick: he's live 24 hours a day. that. what you just said. harris: i think he has some people. rick: glad to hear that. the illegal immigration debate
2:10 pm
heating up, but focus is on new mexico. with new numbers showing fewer people are trying to cross the border, why is there an increase for the calls for cracking down on illegals. richard socarides will be here live to answer that question in two minutes. harris: what do these guys think about the administration's stimulus plan to help create new jobs. they are in the jobs line. activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? today is your tasty lucky day! sure, why not? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. okay!
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rick: the coast guard hoisting four adults and three children toe safety after their both sank
2:14 pm
saturday. they were all wearing life vests. but with no way of calling for help, they clung together never knowing if they would be found. the koig chopper was just about to give up their search sunday morning when they spot all 7 people in the water. all of them are okay. harris: a highly hispanic state, new mexico, is showing strong support for the arizona immigration law. 53% showing they favor the law. this on the heels of the report that illegal immigration is down. richard socarides is the democratic strategist and special assistant to president clinton. he joins us now. good to see you. i have to ask just the first basic question. if you have fewer people coming in illegally why push for a
2:15 pm
crackdown. why is a state like new mexico saying help us? view very i think therus? >> i think there are three main reasons. i think first of all it's the economy. when things are tougher -- when times are tough, people tend to focus on what other people are getting, and when the economy is tough and people are out of jobs, immigration is a big issue. the second thing is i think immigration has been a problem for a long time and we haven't been able to solve it. i think that the fact that it's been around for so long makes it seems like it's gone the worse. i think the third reason why is the politicians tend to use this issue some scare people into creating fear and maybe even some of us in the media are responsible for some of that. harris: you heard me slide in there that immigration is down jeff all. analysts say that has a lot to
2:16 pm
do with our job situation. but i want to press in a little bit more. anything at this point to get it going in the street direction. hispanic voters as part of this poll, many of them by what they would say about their own families have come from mexico. so why are we seeing them in favor of illegal immigration law being cracked down on. >> i think you see everybody desperate for any kind of solution. the border has become pretty impenetrable in many places. in many places it's virtually to cross the border and every where it'whereit's harder to cross th. you saw president george w. bush try to couple with a bipartisan solution to the immigration
2:17 pm
problem which included a pathway to citizenship, which included crack down on employers, which included stiff penalties for those who violate immigration laws. that's why you see support for the arizona law. the arizona to me makes no sense, but it's an attempt saying the federal government hasn't solved this, we need to take this into our own hands. harris: what do you say when this administration says it has spent more money and put forth more resource than any other organization has in fighting illegal immigration. >> they are spending more money and they are cracking down and they have definitely stepped up very basic immigration enforcement. they are not just going after criminals. you saw a very high profile piece in the "new york times" about how they are around the
2:18 pm
canadian border they are doing spot immigration checks. so they have stepped up sort of just very basic immigration enforcement much to the chagrin of some of the immigration advocates who say you should be focusing on criminals and broad-base reform. it's a problem. but the latest numbers from the pew research center indicate illegal immigrants are down 10% over the last 5 years. harris: you are a former special assistant to president clinton. what kind of advice would you give president obama and his team. they don't want to talk much about this. >> it's difficult in this partisan environment. i thought last year when president obama came in there was a chance we could have some comprehensive immigration
2:19 pm
reform. but until democrats and republicans are prepared to come together and try to couple with a non-ideological and non-partisan solution much like george w. bush tried to in the early years of his presidency, we won't be successful and it will get worse before it gets better. harris: i hear you saying new mexico is what looms on the horizon for this administration. >> it's a big problem. we need to find a pathway for city seasonship for the people who are already here. we need to crack down on employers. we need to do this comprehensively and we need to do it all yesterday. it's going to be hopefully something president obama can tackle. maybe if we get -- maybe when things after the mid terms settle down -- you never know what's going to happen. it will be a volatile election. it's going to -- the majorities
2:20 pm
in the house and senate will be much closer. maybe this is something people can work together on. i sure hope so. harris: richard socarides. it's right back to the economy and jobs. >> and the elections. rick: richard says when things calm down after the mid terms? after the mid terms we are on to the general election. 2012. harris: we'll just take a pause. rick: a protection $3 trillion disaster looming in states all over the country. we'll see how in the world we got there and how this might be fixed without a massive tax increase. remember steven slater? he's on the plane's emergency slide. the airline has had what we hope is the last word on this one. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] if you've had a heart attack caused by a completely blocked artery,
2:21 pm
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2:24 pm
harris: you are looking at milwaukee were wisconsin. that's air force one. the president is set to talk to the crowd about jobs and a $50 billion spending bill for rooppeds and infrastructure. also some talk today expected to come on these r ann d tax cuts and what we can determine. this is a big speech that's planned on the economy on
2:25 pm
appropriately this labor day. the unemployment was 7.8% in the area where he's going to be, union support for him still strong in the state of wisconsin. but other areas of the country not so much. this is broadcast all over the place, not just in milwaukee. it will be interesting to see how this labor day speech about jobs and job creation 57 days out before mid-term elections plays with americans across the country. the president has arrived in milwaukee. he's not expected to speak shortly. but if news has broken out of this area we'll let you know right away. rick were last part in the eastern part of afghanistan, the cia suffering its worst blow in the agency's long history. a trusted informant who turned out to be a overdane why double
2:26 pm
agent blew himself up, killing 7 agents. now a cia agent and miss wife are coming out from behind the shadows to honor the victims. why are the richards riding across the country today. >> reporter: they are bike across the country. it was on hi chards' bucket list. but with the deaths last september, they had a reason to ride. the couple wants to raise enough money for two scholarships. many of these families are now missing moms and dads. >> these are people i felt a real affinity for. this could have been me left behind. and my children left behind. >> too me this ride is about saying something for them.
2:27 pm
they loved you and they are doing something for their country. >> reporter: they finish in san diego october 27. since they put up their web site they have got a lot of response severe from families who had a member there and they will be picking up different sections of the ride. rick: there will be money raised for a cia officer's memorial fund. >> reporter: the memorial fund which has not had a lot of publicity speak to fox about this ride and why it was important to raise money for the kids and the spouses. the cia officers were the first into afghanistan after 9/11. ahead of special forces. the first american killed there was a cia officer, mike spann. there are seven new stars that have been chiseled into the memorial wall at cia add
2:28 pm
quarters. each one for an employee who died in the line of service. 22 are new since 9/11. >> it was the nightmare we had imagined. we have quite a few children now as a result of khost who are without a parent. >> reporter: the richards will be blog on their web site. they want to raise enough for scholarships and it seems they are well on their way. rick: katherine he thanks. harris: can you figure out what's wrong with this pick sure if we'll tell but makeover mistake. rick: why is the white house
2:29 pm
against using the "s" word if it saved the economy? [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style. style that lasts a lifetime. what do you say we get the look we want, the soft feel we need, and have it stand up to anything we throw at it. then let's get it installed, and save money on the whole project. we're lowering the cost of going barefoot. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get exclusive martha stewart living and platinum plus installed in your whole house for just 37 bucks. ♪ [ male announcer ] giving up cigarettes can take more than willpower alone. but today's a new day.
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like 100% whole grain, the way triscuit does, you always end up with something delicious. ♪ triscuit. weave some goodness. harris: tropical storm hermine gathering strength as it heads towards the western gulf coast with 60-mile-per-hour sustained winds. it's currently 140 miles
2:33 pm
southeast of brownsville, texas. storm watches and warnings in effect from northern mexico into the state of texas. the price tag for building up afghan security forces could cost the u.s. $6 billion per year. newly released government estimates predict american taxpayers will be picking up the tab through 2015. a judge in the bahamas is drops charges against two people accused of extorting money against across store john travolta. prosecutors say he no longer wants to pursue the case. rick: you have seen air force one land in milwaukee. the president is considering new tax breaks as well as additional spending to jumpstart the economy. it sounds like a stimulus plan. the number of the unemployment people across the country now just under 15 million people.
2:34 pm
nearly half the perm statements job losers who have been unemployed for 6 months. now there seems to be a reluctance on the part of the administration to cad gorize its new plan as a second stimulus. if they feel the first one works so well, why aren't they eager to use it again? christopher. why has stimulus become such a dirty word, apparently? >> a rose is a rose is a rose. republicans have taken the word stimulus and changed it around and made it into something dirty. what's happening here in this economy is that we have to give things time to work. we don't know what would have happened if -- we don't know what would have happened if the stimulus had not been passed. so we have to come up with new themes to do this in the 24-hour
2:35 pm
news world we live in. rick: it's all about message then. it's not just the white house talking about the first stimulus helping avoid a depression. there are non-partisan economists who say the same thing. what would the economy look like if we hadn't had stimulus number one. >> i don't think anyone knows the answer to that. aught of the $787 billion, a massive a. it is waste. they didn't use the money the proper way. they island is it on projects that weren't going to stimulate the economy. how many times did we hear about green technology and new technology for the future. >> we have to think long term. we can't just look at what's in front of us. >> if you are unemployed in this country you don't care about a job that thereby created 10
2:36 pm
years from now. that's what this administration doesn't understand. people don't care about an electric car if you can't pay your bills now. rick: we heard from mike emanuel traveling with the president today that administration is saying even with what the president is about to say in a half-hour or so, even that will not be a magic bullet. pit won't help people in the short term. but we have a mid-term election coming up. the democratic party is about to lose control of one, maybe two houses much congress. don't there need to be a magic built or something that will do something in the short term? >> it took us a long time to get into this mess and lit take time to get out of it. we need to invest in new technologies to keep us innovating. which made our country great. we constantly innovated and introduced new technologies and experiences to the world.
2:37 pm
>> everything that you are talking about right now does not help people who are unemployed. when you have unemployment rates at 9-plus%. when you have people unemployed for 99 weeks. one in four americans, everything you are talking about is great if you are want to go do something five years, 10 years from now. but this is not what it will do. >> what would immediately help americans is the bills the conscious has introduced to extend tax cuts for 9% of americans. they are block everything they can in congress right now. >> who is block it? the republicans aren't in charge. rick: we learned yesterday in the post that later this week the president is about to talk about a payroll tax holiday for small business owners. i'm not an economist.
2:38 pm
i have a hard time balancing my checkbook. wouldn't it help if small business owners knew they were getting a tax break, might that generate jobs? is this an idea? >> i'm in favor of anything that helps small businesses. but issue right now with this president has spent so much money. he has to figure out a way to get more money coming in. that makes people like myself worried about this president. he doesn't help the average american family. when he talks about i'm going to help small business, maul business owners are continuing to struggle or go out of business completely. >> there are bills in congress right now. the republicans in the senate are stalling that would help small businesses. the problem is when conservatives talk about small business they are talking about millionaire investors.
2:39 pm
>> when did the republicans gain control of the house and senate? >> let's not pretends you don't know how the senate works. it takes 60 votes to get anything done in the senate. the republicans can hold up anything they want and they have. rick: christopher and ben enjoy the rest of this labor day. harris: if you think you are having fun do you. coming up at top of the hour. it's studio b with gregg jarrett filling in for shepard smith. gregg: we'll be carrying the president's speech live from milwaukee. we'll be putting out to brand-new ideas to cure our economic woes. one wondered what audience he will get. unemployment in wisconsin 15%.
2:40 pm
we are going to be talking to a financial expert about what the president wants to do. also, there is a town in california that is proposing a halloween ban for sex offenders. is that a violation of some civil rights? we'll talk with our lawyers about that. all coming up on studio b. have a good show. with america sinking under $14 trillion in debt. imagine the thought of $3 trillion in bills. in three minutes we'll look at nightmare shaping a up for states and the feds. harris: the so-called black widow has struck a blow for gender equality. we'll chew on this one or not
2:41 pm
right after the break. [ female announcer ] think it takes hours to get rich, glossy haircolor like this? think again. you can get it in 10. with perfect 10. frm nice 'n easy. brunettes, as rich as italian coffee. sparkling, effervescent blondes. luxurus reds, alive with light. get this stunning color with flawless gray coverage, and get it in 10, with perfect 10. the high speed, high gloss color that changes evything. from clairol.
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rick: this next story is why we have a research department. if something is not quite right at the recent makeover at the oval office in the white house. it involves the rug and the quotations that are written along the curved edge of the new rug. one is attributed to the former martin luther king jr. it turns outs the words belong to theodore parker, an abolitionist who foresaw the end of slavely even though he died on the eve of the civil war. king with us an admirer of parker an quoted him during marches and speeches.
2:45 pm
harris: u.s. harris: how did we get here? >> we got here through a combination of reasons. better economic times which allowed state politicians to provide more generous benefits. number two, demographics, number 3, people want more investment in the public service. number 4, public employee unions being stronger in the states. it's a combination of things over time that have tree created this problem. harris: now that we have arrived
2:46 pm
how do we deal with unfunded pension plans? these are jobs for firefighters and teachers. they have huge benefits packages and it's draining us dry. >> there is a $3 trillion liability for all 50 states. governor swais governor arnold ? california said the liability is six times the annual budget. so it's a big problem. of course, politicians always want to keep kicking it and putting it off into the future. but the day of reckoning is coming quickly. harris: you have got much of the jobs creation that we have seen during the latest administration has been in government jobs,
2:47 pm
even more pension jobs, correct? >> that's right it's been reported during the *'s first two years more than 1,000 people additionally made $100,000 a year. those have incredible long term and pension benefit costs to the american taxpayer. that stuff has to stop. harris: you can't just say to the next firefighters you would hire, i am going to give you half of what we gave the guy before you. >> in most these states the pension benefits are constitutionally protected. all the obligations we have made to people we are going to have to pay. the question becomes for new hires can we change the rules of the game to make the benefits more affordable for future taxpayers. hair report u.s. claim before
2:48 pm
commerce is going to sit down and talk about this short fall looming. how much time do we have to fix this? >> we have 20 years before everything hits the fan. but in the short term california is experiencing problems. a number of los angeles is look at potential bankruptcy. so there are a lot of cities and states on the precipice of being bankrupt because of these high pension costs. harris: $3 trillion, is this a number growing from day to day or is it going to stay there? >> as long as the market doesn't pick up, the number is going to grow. i want the economy to pick up, i'm worried the currents economic and of political environment in washington, d.c. will make that hard. we need for investment in small business, we need to unleash the market to allow businesses to grow, otherwise we won't have
2:49 pm
the tax revenues to pay these liabilities. harris: we can't get around paying them. they are contractual. you say they are protected by the constitution. >> the state and federal constitutions. harris: thank you so much for talking about this with us today. >> thank you for having me. rick: the rumor millwork overtime in the u.k. with stories that prince william will soon be off the market. could we have a royal wedding on our hands? we'll separate fact from fiction when we come right back. harris: i love royal romance. [ woman ] alright, so this tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours.
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>> the jetblue flight attendant who cursed out passengers before fleeing the plane -- last month slate were reportedly screamed obscenities at passengers before he grabbed some beer and flew down the estate chute. he inflated it. apparently he quit. he wasn't fired. does it matter? rick: royal intrigue building act pond as folks in the u.s. wait to see whether prince harry pops the question to his long-time girlfriend kate middleton. royal watchers are assuming a
2:54 pm
wedding will happen, but when? hi, amy. >> reporter: a leading london bookmaker has stopped taking bets on the year of the expected royal wedding between prince william and his long-time sweetheart kate middleton. all bets are on 2011. what's going on now is the bookies are taking bets on the month of the wedding and also possible honeymoon venues. all this is based on speculation that they will get married and soon. speculation is it will be at wind store castle. but the guest lists, caterers, wedding dress and the format of the wedding are anyone's guess. >> i should think there will be definitely a theme. it will be a themed afternoon or
2:55 pm
evening. >> reporter: royal weddings already have a theme. royal commentators are speculating it will be a more low-key affair than prince charles and princess diana. it was in the heart of london with huge media access it many expected when and if prince william pops the question it will be a short engagement. in the past other royal couples have been hounded by the media and we know what a sensitive issue that is for prince william. the other thing going on is the media has cruelly labeled kate waity katie because she is seen as because her life on waiting for that question to be pop. she can't go south into the world and seek a career because she is so hounded by the media when she tried to do that. the latest sort of gift for the
2:56 pm
rumor mill is because prince william is finishing up a search and rescue pilot course, he's going to be posted to a military barracks and that poses the question of will this wedding be put off longer because it seems improbable they would start their life in a military barracks. but the most interesting bit of it all is people are saying fit, not 2011, it's likely not to be until 2013. there will be the queen's diamond jewel lee to the olympics. rick: a big year over there. i mistakingly said prince harry. he's still on the market. >> he may pop the question first. harris: president obama is in
2:57 pm
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